So, once again I’m at work. Settled in more or less, starting to understand the system and the job priorities. Being a Reception Admin, or more like a Camp Admin is quite an experience.
People are coming with an absolute unreal amount of questions and sometime these questions are leaving me, well…surprised, sometimes angry, time to time confused.
Like, one poor guy gave his Laundry away and it never came back to him (at least for 4 days). He came up with the question: “My clothes were taken 4 days ago…Can you help me finding it?”
“Rightoooo…” – I replied – “What was in there?”
“well…my socks and underwear…*blush*…I’m running out of socks…*more blush*…and underwear”
First I wanted to laugh, but then realized the whole seriousness of the situation, so i just started calling girls who works in the laundry and ask them if they saw anything like poor man’s “clothes” (The thought about a guy wearing the same underwear for 4 days made me feel vewwy vewwy sowwy for him).  Socks and underwear were successfully found and returned to it’s owner sound and safe. +10 to me.
Another guy, or actually two guys. Someone took someones bed and they couldn’t decide who will sleep on the top bed and who on the bottom(a bunk bed? not sure about correct name for the bed). So they decided to come around to a Reception office and let me decide who should sleep where and who s wrong etc.  I never knew I could shout at the 40 ish y.o. man that loud and scary. Of course at first i was calm and tried to keep the situation under control, after about 20 minutes of listening two babies cry, but when i heard the phrase “I want justice” I lost it. Security, boss, other admins, housekeeping stuff and other 5 guys looked about like that –> O___O…
Of course the next day I moved one of the “kids” to another room, for what I received a chocolate bar.
Been told “Thats the first one, but not the last”. Somehow people on site think If I’m a girl i probably like chocolate…BUT NOT IN THIS QUANTITIES PEOPLE!!!
My desk is stuffed with chocolates, they are falling off the shelf and some of them being transferred to a housekeeping stuff and security girls.
Ate a candy the other day (those filled with liquor). Decided to go straight to a security supervisor and do a breath test.
The All Mighty Breathalyser beeped with “Red”, confused security and a couple of giggles. Breathalyser  once again, and “Red”…Eyes of security starting to grow to a side of a small tuna can. Me leaving laughing my ass off. 4 Minutes later “Green”…security gets the joke and we laugh together. 10 minutes of the work day are killed, but about 2 years of life from a healthy laughter (Somebody said laughing prolongs the life…isn’t that true?).
Sometimes people asking to find someone with the name they are not sure, the last name they forgot and the company they think was…: “There was a guy coming in, i think his name is Bair or Birkek? or…no his last name was something like Matubishkishmish…or something like it…he is from Orensakh, i mean Orenburg…i think…or no…he is Veco Veco right…i think his name was Barbandoo”…
=) “Yeah i had some Kirbirkek and Oramdu Barboondoo coming in…do they sound familiar?”…oh, hold on, those were from Fluor…NAAAAAAH…i dont have the name you are looking for, sorry mate. I had 10 people coming in today and none of them had such a name…and not yesterday and not a week before and no sorry…none of the visitors tomorrow will have a name like the one you are looking for…really sorry.Go find out his real name”
There is about 5 “I locked myself out” a day (people just forget the keys and walk away…sometimes they come in a bath towel).
Around 10 “I want to change my room, the guys are snoring and there is a wind coming in from the power socket”
me- “So they do snore in my room and the wind blows from the sockets, and they will snore in another room and the wind will blow too, if not from the socket, then from the night light that was screwed into the wall all the way through out. Furthermore i don’t have a spare bed just to put you in”
There will be maybe 3 people each day saying “My pillow is bed and the towels are gone, there is only 3 closets in the room but 4 people”
Well, I can find you a towel…would that make you happy? The cupboard were ordered, the whole camp sleeps on exactly the same pillow as yours and only yours is not good enough, and considering the cupboard issue, why dont you ask your roomies to give you at least one side of the big double closet?
People all of the kinds, nationalities, companies, positions and sizes are coming in.  Mostly there are companies that have more priority before others, staff would live 2 in the room that takes 4 people, and as soon as i start filling them up they come and nod, if not to me then to their bosses, their bosses come to my boss, my boss comes to me asks if there is any room to place the people elsewhere, I say “no we are full, my boss goes back to their boss, their boss goes to the guys and says “toughen up princess”, guys are coming to me and start trying to buy me off with promises to bring chocolate, i show them the whole variety of the sweet goodness i got in my office and they start crying in hope i will feel sorry for them and find another place to put the people in. Then they leave, i put people in their rooms, the guys start hating me and eventually stop saying “Good morning”, “Hello”  and such…
Some people become more respectful if i act tough, some people leave and leave behind all their crap they just threw at me, some people leave and leave a smile on my face…
It’s a very hard work as you have to communicate a lot with people and not all people know how to be nice…Unfortunately the most part of the “uncontrollable” kind are russians…something like 95% Russian men/women 4% workers from the former USSR countries and 1% expats.  And as always, the higher the position of the person, the higher their level of the “Bitchiness”.
Thats it for now, will see what else will happen.

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